Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

    Just think about those mouthwatering dishes like Butter Chicken, Parathas, Chaats, Kebabs, chilled Lassi, and the fluffy Bhatures, the list keeps going on and won’t end. You won’t just find Punjabi food but also South Indian food, Rajasthani items, and Chinese cuisines. We have made a list of top 10 street foods you can enjoy in Chandigarh.

    Best Street Food To Enjoy In Chandigarh

    Looking out for the best street food to enjoy in Chandigarh then let us have a look at the best 10 options to relish your food fetish.

    CHOLE BHATURE (Best Street Foods In Chandigarh)

    Chole Bhature is a must-have when visiting Chandigarh. The cuisine combines the richness of chickpeas with fluffy bhaturas. When eating together, this food makes a North Indian dish that can be eaten anytime, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bhaturas necessarily don’t need to be plain it can be stuffed with paneer or potato and are cooked in tandoors or clay ovens.


    The street food is famous in India and even more in Chandigarh. Paneer cubes are grilled, and they are served with mint chutney, looking at the plate would make your mouth watery. It also includes other veggies like capsicum, onion, and tomato, which would be added to paneer.

    CHEESE CHILLI (Best Street Foods In Chandigarh)

    As by the name, we can guess it is a Chinese dish, and it has become famous street food in Chandigarh. It just doesn’t contain Paneer chunks but also includes various exotic vegetables, and then it’s prepared with spicy sauce, and it is garnished with other seasonings.


    The momos, specifically the steamed momos, has become a famous and favorite street food in Chandigarh. It is originally a Tibetan dish, and it is a bite-size dumpling filled with either vegetables or meat, and it is served with a spicy sauce.


    The famous Indian dish Amritsari Kulchas is no doubt one of the famous street foods here. Prepared from refined flour and then stuffed with various stuffing from paneer to cheese whatever suits you, and it is served with chole, pickles, chutneys, and curries. 

    PAV BHAJI (Best Street Foods In Chandigarh)

    The people of Chandigarh are fond of food and they love to hog on to delicious pav bhaji too. Though not a Punjabi cuisine but pav bhaji can be found on the streets of Chandigarh with a Punjabi twist. 


    One of the latest craze growing with the people is of chaap in different variants. When in Chandigarh you must not miss out on tandoori chaap or afghani chaap and enjoy the flavors melt in your mouth with every bite you take. 


    Everyone knows that North Indians make the best Parathas, and there is no competition. In Chandigarh, the Parathas you get are delicious and are loaded with butter and served with chutney, pickles, curries, and curd. 

    LASSI (Best Street Foods In Chandigarh)

    We know Punjab is famous for its delicacy known as Lassi. It is best enjoyed chilled during the hot summers. Not just famous among people in Chandigarh but also by people from around India. Lassi is prepared by curd and can have fruits, spices, and garnished with other toppings.


     Golgappas is a favorite of every chaat lover. The hollow and crisp puris are filled with sweet and tangy chutney, Dahi, and potato and then served with flavored water, which gives the tanginess in your mouth. The golgappas here are more significant and spicier as well as tangy.


    The street food mentioned above must have made your mouth watery, and you want to have them, so when traveling to Chandigarh, don’t forget to have these street foods you are craving for right now.