Top 10 Playschools in Chandigarh with Fee & Details

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Children are a blessing. It’s important to nourish them, especially in their early days. One of the top 10 Playschools n Chandigarh is the best option. At an early age, children need to play socially so that they may learn faster. However, when there are so many playschools in Chandigarh, you may get confused over which one to choose from. Don’t worry, we are here to help you care your child right. We have summed up the list of the best 10 playschools in Chandigarh based on the reviews of the parents and other specs like the credibility and the amenities offered.



Kidzee Chandigarh

One of the best playschools in Chandigarh, Kidzee is also one of the largest playschools in India too. The playschool could offer your child from 2 to 3.5 hours a day depending on the age group. Kidzee provides its services, for the blossoms aging from 1 to 5.5 years. It offers different programs like Nuvo. Playgroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten.

Furthermore, if you are willing to educate your little blossom at your home, the playschool has to offer a tablet which has all the stories which you used to sing before sleep.


Another one of the best playschools in Chandigarh is the Eurokids. Eurokids is another chain for kids playschools around the globe. You may also say that Eurokids is one of the best pre-schools for kids in Chandigarh. Eurokids is for the kids aging 1.8 to 6 years. They have various programs for them. Eurokids in Chandigarh has different programs like Playgroup, Nursery, EuroJunior, and Eurosenior.

Moreover, the playschool teaches the kids from special treatments like the Mathlab, Scientific spark, Euromusic, Eurofit and a lot more. So if you are considering one of the best playschools in Chandigarh, you may see this.


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FirstSteps IB World

FirstSteps IB World is another one of the best preschools for kids in Chandigarh. The playschool has to offer programs like Infant, Twaddler, Pre Schools, Pre Kg, Kg for the years of age, 18 Months +, 2 years +, 3 years +, 4 years +, 5 years +. The teaching methodology of the playschool is very brilliant. Firststeps uses a wide range of teaching methods which encourages the child to grow and learn more.

Moreover, the classroom and the teaching-learning strategy is very brilliant in the playschool. So, you may also consider this option for the preschools for kids in Chandigarh.

Blooms Playway

Blooms Playway is another one of the best playschools in Chandigarh, the reason being the schools helps the kids to explore their young minds and build up their self-potential. The schools provide a home-like environment and offer co-curricular activities different than any other pre-school for kids in Chandigarh.

Moreover, playschool also has some great teachers with amazing children handling skills. So, there is no way your child not gonna love this.

Ashiana Public School

Another brilliant playschool and preschool for children is Ashiana Public School. The playschool in Chandigarh has mastered the skills of the childcare for the toddlers. The fun part is that the schools prepare the children for the future, nurturing their mind and values with activities like prayers, poem recitation, storytelling, etc.

The management of the schools keeps a great eye on the children so they get a safe and healthy environment to explore their minds.


Mother’s Pride

Mother’s Pride Playschool in Chandigarh is a special playschool which has been maintaining the standard for years. The playschool chain is all over the nation and has amazing programs for upbringing the children. Mother’s Pride Chandigarh is one of the best playschools in Chandigarh for a number of reasons. The playschool takes a great care to build confidence in the child so that they may face future scenarios.

Furthermore, the playschool in Chandigarh has a daily activity set which includes playtime, storytime, tiffin time, circle time, assembly time and much more.

Sunshine Meadows

Sunshine Meadows Chandigarh is one of the best play way schools in Chandigarh. It features a modern learning methodology with care. At the school, every child is given personal and special attention so that they may grow according to their very own special way. School also offers daily fun activities which help the child to explore his mind.

Furthermore, there are fun activities like playtime, painting, socializing, etc.

Little Hearts

Little Hears Chandigarh is another playschool which offers special treatment to little saplings. The school is located opposite the government school in Chandigarh and is present in sector 38 D. Little Hearts serves for 8 AM to 3 PM and this would be a wonderful time for your child. Moreover, the school offers the drawing time, exercises, playtime, prayers, toy playing and much more.

Moreover, if your child is playful, this would be the best school to put him or her in.

ABC Montessori

One of the best playschools in Chandigarh, ABC Montessori has a brilliant concept in child learning. The school offers Cosmic Education, auto education, heterogeneous grouping, self-discipline, care of oneself, independence and integrated curriculum to the students so that they get the best of learning.

Moreover, the school teaches the children to think out of the box and let them flaunt their creativity.

Ankur Nursery School

Another brilliant preschool for kids in Chandigarh is Ankur Nursery School. The school takes great care that the young samplings are nourished to the best. Moreover, the playschool also provides the best of amenities like the prayers, poem reciting, drawing, toy playing, playtime, exercises and much more. The school takes a great care for the overall development of the child so you need not worry much about anything for the child.


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