Chandigarh is known for its food. It is a city that has a lot to offer to the foodies from Indian cuisine to continental and various other ones. There are a lot of food points in Chandigarh that you can visit and give satisfaction to your food fetish. 

Best Food Points In Chandigarh To Try Out For Lip-Smacking Food


Here is a list of top 10 food points in Chandigarh from where you can get the best street food:


Garg Chaat (Best Food Points In Chandigarh)


Unless you’re visiting here for the first time, this street food hub in Chandigarh could become a little stressful to wait for your turn. The menu is a part of dry products and others; here you’ll find every recognized chaat, pakodi, and Gol Gappa.


Classic 44

They don’t have a seating arrangement, you offer your order, take your patties and go home with a chilled soft drink to enjoy the meal. The place gained its reputation not only for the dish but also for its affordability; as the starting price for any meal is about 40 bucks!


Bholey Di Hatti (Best Food Points In Chandigarh)

Each time you visit Bholey Di Hattey, this spicy dark gravy of Rajma with plain jeera rice will swell your tummy and you’ll always be hungry for more, that’s what people claim.


Brick Firewood

The word one would pick to characterize Brick Firewood Pizza is simply Stylish. The place is ranked among some of the best places in town for pizza. The perfectly baked crust of hot melted cheese from a volcano erupting like lava but that’s not it.


Pal Dhaba

If you love to hog on to sarso ka saag and Makki ki roti then just do not think twice and hit to the place. It offers excellent food at pocket-friendly prices and hygiene in mind. The extra butter that is loaded on your plate gives you a feel of being in Punjab.

Bawa Juice Corner (Best Food Points In Chandigarh)

A decorated platform with a hypnotic effect on teenagers, Bawa Juice Corner is. Best known for its cohesive combination of lemon soda and patty cheese this is one of the most loved food points with the youngsters. 

Grand Punjab

In Chandigarh, almost everybody is a devotee at the Grand Punjab Restaurant, Mohali, for the creamy Lassi. Lassi is prepared with a native hand and here the pomegranate and pista toppings are sprinkled on it. The drink is served in a large steel bowl, with a spoon at the bottom to taste the remaining milk.


Babaji ke Paranthe (Best Food Points In Chandigarh)

An omelet blended in a parantha is itself the art of this happy man in Sector 16 Service Road. People are more fascinated by this old man’s ability than his taste, well the taste is good too.

Dil Desi

With the evolution of nightlife in Chandigarh, one can assume that a dhaba’s ambiance and simplicity are irreplaceable. Hanging out at dhabas with friends has become a major means of leisure. When in Chandigarh, head to Dil Desi for their amazing dal makhani, chana masala, rajma chawal, and kadhai paneer preparation.

Burger Point

When Stomachs growl, minds stop, every person has experienced it somewhere or other. Hunger irritates a human, and if anyone has to wait more than 1 minute is the equivalent of an hour, I bet! Whenever this happens, please visit Burger Point, the specific service technique has achieved a good speed of delivery on the order.


These are the best food points in Chandigarh you must not miss out when in the city. Give your hunger a treat by relishing on the delicacies from any of these joints. 

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