Chinese food is savored all over India. Individuals love the flavors and lip-smacking taste. Individuals look for a Chinese restaurant whenever they get an opportunity to spend time with companions or relatives. If you visit Chandigarh and wish to attempt the best Chinese food, some Chinese restaurants offer the bona fide taste and Chinese flavor in their dishes. 

Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh

Here is a list of top 10 Chinese restaurants in Chandigarh you must try out if you are a fan of the cuisine. 

MAINLAND CHINA (Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

This is one of the perfect places to enjoy delicious Chinese food. The ambiance is really good, and the taste of cuisines makes your plan to eat Chinese food is completed. Here you will receive the best services, and you can enjoy a wide variety of Chinese cuisines.


 The dishes served here are mouth-watering. I would recommend this as the best restaurant for people who love eating Chines food. The aroma, flavor and the spiciness will attract you. You will enjoy the food, whether you have ordered vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisines. 


KATHMANDU CHINESE FAST FOOD (Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

The typical Chinese restaurant in Chandigarh and it is worth a try. The food here is available at a reasonable rate, and the taste is wonderful. The special dish here is Non-veg momos and is very popular among people.



Elante Mall accommodates this restaurant and is one of the perfect places for you to enjoy Chinese food. They serve mouthwatering Chinese dishes. The popular dish is Noodles and Manchurian, and you should try your hands. 


ORIENTAL LOUNGE (Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

It can be called one of the best places where you can enjoy Chinese dishes at a great price. The food here is expensive, and you can see a variety of appetizers and chef specials. The restaurants serve many items to try, but popular is the authentic noodles.

HEES (Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

A little on the top of the line side, yet the food makes it worth spending. Lobster, pan-fried noodles, and chilly chicken can be your best picks. The mood of the eatery stunningly leaves you as a stylistic theme to get all the appeal. It is incredibly lit to take you on the ride of bliss.



If you are a fan of Chinese food, you most likely shouldn’t miss up on an opportunity to visit this spot. You will consider it your most exhilarating disclosure. Lit with warm yellow lights, the restaurant has amazing food just like the atmosphere here. They specialize in crispy fish, Khao Suey, and much more. 


KYLIN(Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

 Situated in the city Elante shopping center, this restaurant offers you the best experience with Chinese food. After receiving the best reviews, Kylin tops the charts regarding food, services, and the environment. The eatery also serves cocktails.



 After revamping the eatery and structuring the menu without preparation, the effectively wealthy restaurant has increased significantly greater fame. Incorporating a wide assortment of Chinese food, the claim to fame being lamb, the eatery offers food at an entirely sensible rate. The food, yet the beverages, have likewise not neglected to intrigue the crowd.


YO CHINA (Best Chinese Restaurants In Chandigarh)

Chandigarh is more peculiar to great food! It has been longer than ten years since Yo China has satisfied the cravings of Chinese food lovers. This restaurant is notable for serving authentic Chinese food and dishes like Dim Sums. With reasonable prices on the card, the menu has various alternatives to calm the taste buds of various individuals.



Chinese food outlets are famous here, and these are the best restaurants that you are visiting when you are craving for authentic Chinese food. Chinese food is savoured all over India.


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