Thu. May 19th, 2022
    Best Samosa in Chandigarh

    We are definitely sure that you are one of those who love lip-smacking street food. Like any other street food, samosas are one of the most loved by people. If you live in Chandigarh or are planning to visit it, you are in for a treat. This is because we have mentioned some places that offer the best samosa in Chandigarh.

    Where to Find the Best Samosa in Chandigarh?

     Mentioned below are some places where you will be able to enjoy the best samosa in Chandigarh. 

    1. Samosa Junction

    Popular for offering various types of samosas with amazing chutneys, Samosa Junction easily tops the list. Constantly flocked with people, one can easily find different reasons to visit it day or night. It is famous for unique types of samosas like chilli paneer samosas, pasta samosas, etc. The samosas sold here will simply blow your mind away with their deliciousness. 

    Address: SCO 231, Sector 36D, Chandigarh 

    1. Samosa Heaven

     With over 65 types of samosas, it leaves no option for a person other than to try every variety available. Filled with delicious stuffing, samosas here are sold with delicious sweet or tangy chutneys. It is visited by many people per day. Although it is a small shop, it never runs out of delicious lip-smacking samosas to sell. You can also home-deliver this delightful plate of deliciousness.

    Address: Booth No 123, Phase 10, Sector 64, Chandigarh 

    1. Sector 22 Market

    Famous not only for samosas but also for various other street foods, the market in sector 22 is a hot point for college students looking for cheap but delicious food during the late evening. The best samosa in Chandigarh can be commonly found here in various shops and corners. One can enjoy delicious samosas of different varieties with delicious tangy chutneys.

    Address: Jan Marg, Sector 22D, Sector 22, Chandigarh

    1. Katani Dhaba

    With more than 10 outlets in and near Chandigarh, it is hard to miss a Katani Dhaba while one is looking for tasty food. Offered at cheap rates but with huge proportions, samosas are considered to be one of their best sellers. One can visit or home-delivery these delicious treats. You can also try different types of samosas with delicious chutneys. 

    Address: SCO 265, Sector 35D, Sector 35, Chandigarh

    1. Sindhi Sweets

    A popular branch in Chandigarh, Sindhi Sweets is not only famous for its amazing and delicious variety of sweets, but it is also famous for smacking street food including samosas. Though you may find prices a bit more expensive than outside stalls, the food is worth it. You should definitely visit it at least once in Chandigarh. 

    Address: SCO 108-109, Shopping Plaza, Sector 17C, Chandigarh

     Bottom Line

    These are just some of the many places which sell the best samosa in Chandigarh. Famous not only for its samosas, but you can also enjoy various other treats here. You should not wait any longer and visit these places as soon as you can to enjoy lip-smacking samosas with amazingly delicious chutneys!