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Top 10 Women Salons in Chandigarh

It is true that the beauty of a woman lies in her hair. Every woman is beautiful in her own ways, but good hair adds up eye candy. This when sums up with a great haircut, nothing can compare. Women Salons in Chandigarh work day and night to add up that extra spice of beauty to the women. But how would you decide where to go for a Women Haircut in Chandigarh? Well, we have summed up something for you to make you look like a diva. Here is the list of the top 10 Women Salons in Chandigarh.

Top 10 Salons for women in Chandigarh

women salons in chandigarh

Scratch Headmasters, Sector 35-B

Scratch Headmasters is one of the most popular salons in Chandigarh around sector 35. The Salon truly creates masterpieces with their artistic crew. The women salon in Chandigarh offers 1+1, summer special, happy hours and much more to its beautiful customers. Apart from the women haircut in Chandigarh, the salon also offers body spa, nail art, manicure, pedicure, skin spa, facial and hair spa. If you are looking for the bridal treatment then the Salon also offers some attractive bridal packages.


women salons in chandigarh

Headmasters, Sector 8

One of the most successful and oldest salons in Chandigarh, the salons for women in Chandigarh was established in 2002 and still has the legacy. The salon has treatments for the hair, body, and skin. With over 150 trained professionals, the salon welcomes more than 50,000 clients a year including the famous personalities of the tricity.

If you are a student, then don’t feel bad, since the salon is affordable to the student. So get those flinging hair done today.


women salons in chandigarh

Femina Plus, Sector 44

Not just in Women salons in Chandigarh, but Femina Plus is known for its quality and style for more than 24 years. No matter if it’s the makeup or hair, the artists do it quite precisely. The hair stylists of Femina Plus have created thousands of masterpieces in Hair. Known for its quality makeup and haircuts, Femina Plus provides bewildering services to its clients.


women salons in chandigarh

Cleopatra, Sector 44, 8, 9

Where there is a salon for Women in Chandigarh, there is Cleopatra. Well, not just in the tricity, but Cleopatra has a presence all over the country. The salon for Women operates training schools which trains the artists who want to make their career in beauty, salon or make up. This maintains the standard of the Cleopatra, since every single crew member is from their own training school. This unique co-ordination results in some brilliant standards of the haircuts. The Cleopatra outlets in Chandigarh provide great haircuts under affordable prices.


women salons in chandigarh

Lakme Salon, Sector 34, 44

Lakme Salon has maintained its standard in the grooming and beauty for years. The Women Salon in Chandigarhnever stops boasting about the professional artists it has in-house. The salon could be a little bit expensive over the content delivered over the hair is amazing. Once you step out of the salon, you will never regret the price factor.

The beauticians in the salon for women in Chandigarh would make you feel rejuvenated. So, surely it deserves your visit.


women salons in chandigarh

Affinity Salon, Sector 26

The Vogue Beauty Award winner for the year 2010 has got a variety of stuff for you. If you want to feel alive by the treatment of your hair through purely organic products, then this place is made for you. The hair stylists at the women salon would give you a personalized treatment for the beautiful experience. The staff takes care that you walk out fully satisfied. This is why the women salon in Chandigarh has maintained its lead for years.


women salons in chandigarh

Hair Raiserz, Sector 44

Want to look dashing under affordable prices by the hands of professionals? Then here is Hair Raiserz. Don’t get fooled by the name, since the salons are operating under the American brand Matrix. This means that you would be welcomed and treated by the hands of the Matrix trained professionals. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? The women salon in Chandigarh offers services in hair, spa, and beauty. So go, get a try and boast about your hair.



women salons in chandigarh

Hair Masters Luxury Salon, Sector 9

Want to get a power packed salon full of all the services under one roof? Call for Hair Masters Luxury Salon. The Women hair salon in Chandigarhis popular for its services in the massages, spa, hair, facial and bridal. What’s more in the box is that you can get all of this under decent prices. So get your hair done by the professional hair stylists and beauticians without going heavy over your pocket.


women salons in chandigarh

Bliss Salon and Spa, Sector 44

Exclusively a beauty salon, Bliss Salon and Spa is the best hair salon for women present in the area. The beauty experts and the trained professionals welcome you with their services in facial, body spa, hair spa, skin treatments, haircuts and much more. The Salon provides you with the best services under affordable prices.

Bliss Salon provides services for both men and women. Apart from this, the salon also offers nail services and bridal packages.


women salons in chandigarh

Strands Hair Salon and Spa, Sector 35

How about getting a haircut from one of the largest hair salons chains in India? Strands Hair is the name. The hair salon offers the services for both men and women which includes the rebounding, hair color, hair spa, waxing, pedicure, manicure, and other hair services upon your request. The professional hair stylists offer some brilliant piece of work which would satisfy your inner beauty freak. So pay a visit and you would never regret your time.

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