Top 10 Vegetarian Dhabas In Chandigarh

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The Punjabi culture and food is famous all across the Globe and with Chandigarh being the capital city of Punjab how can it not offer the food of best quality. The city is known for the food it serves to the visitors and leaves them licking their fingers. No matter if you are a non-vegetarian lover or a vegetarian food lover there is something for everyone here.

Best Vegetarian Dhabas In Chandigarh One Must Try

Looking for where to get the best vegetarian food in Chandigarh then let us have a look at top 10 vegetarian dhabas in the city that will serve you the best:

Sethi Dhaba

From Aloo Gobhi to Paneer pasanda this dhaba has everything a vegetarian foodie can dream of. With a long list of vegetables on their list, people love to eat dal makhani and naan here. Also when in Chandigarh do not forget to gulp down a big giant glass of lassi.

Khalsa Vaishno Dhaba

The dhaba has served to a lot of celebrities and boasts their pictures on its walls. It has a huge menu but people love to try aloo gobhi and palak paneer from this place. 


Mitran Da Dhaba(Best Vegetarian Dhabas in Chandigarh)

A place that will make you feel like a part of a Bollywood movie. With fields all across this is one of the best top 10 vegetarian dhabas in Chandigarh. You must try out their shahi paneer and navratan korma with tandoori roti. Also do not forget to complete your meal with chilled kheer served here. 

Nukkar Dhaba

A dhaba that fulfills your foodie delights. It offers everything from dosas, momos to roti platters. Also, people love to enjoy their paranthas stuffed with potatoes and served with a dollop of white butter. 

Katani Dhaba (Best Vegetarian Dhabas in Chandigarh)

This is one of the best top 10 vegetarian dhabas in Chandigarh that is loved for its pocket-friendly menu. If you love to enjoy vegetarian food then visit Katani dhaba and enjoy dal fry, mix vegetables, and tandoori roti. Also, try out their rose lassi, and its done.

Pal Dhaba

If you are a true foodie then your food fetish will be satisfied here. A long menu will be offered to you when you arrive. Order their paranthas that are stuffed with potatoes and onion and you will get a huge one served with curd and butter. Relish it with a glass of sweet lassi and after this, all you will want is to hit the bed and sleep.

Swarn Dhaba (Best Vegetarian Dhabas in Chandigarh)

A place for everyone this dhaba is a great place to come and enjoy a meal at a decent price. They serve delicious dal fry and their paneer platters are also loved. The missi roti here is a must-try. 

Gurbax Dhaba

The place serves typical Punjabi food that is full of spices, lentils, chilies. Curries and a lot more. Made with keeping traditional methods in mind it is a great place to enjoy vegetarian food in Chandigarh. 

Deluxe Dhaba

Built-in a modern dhaba theme, this place has a cool atmosphere that draws most of the people there to enjoy their meals. What this place is famous for is the unique fast service. It offers the best sarso ka saag and Makki ki roti with gur(jaggery) and mooli (radish) served with lassi and white butter that has been freshly churned.

Nagpal Pure Veg Foods (Best Vegetarian Dhabas in Chandigarh)

Nagpal Pure Veg Foods is the one location that has stayed consistent with the food quality since the 1990s. This place is a paradise for foodies who love to enjoy the taste of Punjabi food at affordable prices.



These are the top 10 vegetarian dhabas in Chandigarh you must visit if you are a Punjabi food lover. Priced at a pocket-friendly range the food is amazing and loved by all. 

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