Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

    Everybody wishes to have good crockery for their home and people actually want the best when it comes to a town like Chandigarh. There are plenty of crockery stores in Chandigarh selling great kitchenware including utensils, dinner sets, teacups, water glasses, coffee mugs, food processors, blenders, appliances, and anything you might think of.

    If you are looking for a good crockery shop in Chandigarh with a wide range of products to choose from and the latest technology items, then this list of utensil shops can be of great help to you. We have listed crockery stores throughout Chandigarh, from different sectors.

    Best Utensils Shops To Shop From In Chandigarh

    Let us have a look at the best utensils shops in Chandigarh to shop for the best quality utensils from:

    Aao Jee Stores (Best Utensils Shops In Chandigarh)


    Aao Jee Stores offers a fascinating selection of crockery with a fancy name that will certainly attract your eye. Their selection is not only fantastic but exclusive too. In addition to crockery, this Chandigarh Sector 19 store also offers a wide range of home décor and gift products.

    Vardhaman 30

    PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED A cup and saucer from Britains smallest bone china tea set.) – Two artist have created Britains smallest bone china tea set to mark the Queens jubilee. Karen Griffiths and Peter Armstrong painstakingly hand crafted the 22 carat gold tea-set-for-two – a replica of one dating back to 1795. It includes a tiny tea pot that stands at just 14mm tall with cups and saucers measuring a tea-nsy 6mm. A milk jug and sugar bowl – also gilded in 22 carat gold – completes the set. SEE CATERS COPY



    Vardhaman 30 is a Chandigarh crockery store that has just opened. The shop sells good-value kitchen utensils and home appliances. We do have a Prestige, Hawkins, Futura range, and several other labels. One can also get Sunflames chimneys from this Chandigarh crockery store.

    Aggarwal Distributors

    This crockery store has its headquarters in Sector 26 Chandigarh and has served city citizens since 1973. Aggarwal dealers sell a wide variety of cutlery, glassware, kitchen utensils, dinner packs, plastic boxes, and more. They are also Hawkins’ designated dealer that includes pressure cookers and other ranges of cooking.

    Crockery Lounge (Best Utensils Shops In Chandigarh)

    With a wide selection of modern and traditional utensils, Crockery Lounge is your one-stop shop for all kitchenware and crockery needs. The shop is, as the name implies, a new one with fantastic cutlery designs and branded cooking utensils. They are located in Sector 18, as well.

    Indian Crockery Store

    It provides a wide range of crockery for all types of people, those who love technology have modern crockery for them and conservative people have conservative crockery for them. If you shop from the Indian Crockery Store, all the festivals will become lighter.

    Bharat Crockery

    Based in Sector 18, the Bharat Crockery store is one of those well-known crockery showrooms with a strong client base. Bharat crockery store also has a unique range of gift products with a wide selection of kitchenware, glassware, and other crockery pieces.

    Royal Crockery (Best Utensils Shops In Chandigarh)

    The store, as its name implies, has everything that attracts those Chandigarhians who love royalty. Royal Crockery Hub is the place where various types of utensils, crockery, and home appliances are available. They’ve got a wide range of crockery designs.

    Big Bazaar

    When you intend to visit Elante or specifically Big Bazaar, you should be told that there is a section dedicated to shopping for crockery and kitchen products. It is the largest hypermarket chain in India and sees a big rush in their Chandigarh location.

    Krishna Crockery Store (Best Utensils Shops In Chandigarh)

    They are the registered distributors and wholesalers of several home appliances, kitchenware, and crockery products. Also in glass-ware and plastic-ware, they deliver large varieties.

    Dharam Chand Aggarwal

    The shop offers the people of Chandigarh a large range of kitchen utensils, gifts, and glassware, since 1957. It also provides a modular kitchen and household appliances choice.


    Here are the top 10 best utensils shops in Chandigarh to offer you a wide range of products that you can shop from and get to enjoy a beautiful collection of trending utensils at attractive prices.