Chandigarh is the city of food lovers. The individuals who love south Indian food know how delicious and mouth-watering is the flavor of a soft Dosa, idli, sambhar, and vada. The fragrance of the cuisine offers a lip-smacking aroma.  

Best Restaurants In Chandigarh That Offer Delicious South Indian Food


Here is a list of top 10 south Indian restaurants in Chandigarh that offer you the best fod that you will surely want to try again. 


SAGAR RATNA (Best South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh)

Sagar Ratna serves both North and South Indian cuisines. Numerous fodies have pegged it as the best South Indian restaurant around. Having a good vibe and eminent food, Sagar Ratna is a certainly taken shot at delight if South Indian culinary match your preference.   



It’s a disgrace that it doesn’t get the exposure that it merits because the nature of food is supremely matching the level of the best. The ambiance is as good as any other restaurant prevalent in the category. It’s easy on the wallet if you haven’t got a chance to visit here and should visit the amazing place.



It is an extremely popular place for dosas. The shop is situated in a market and is also on a busy lane thus it becomes a bit difficult to locate the same. If you are a true foodie then the aroma of the delicious food will help you land to the restaurant. The dosas are just so soft and melt in your mouth. Not just the dosas, but there are other items also.


SANKALP (Best South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh)

If you are a food maniac and loves to hog on south Indian food then this is just the place for you. The place has created a name for itself for being a fun-loving and casual place to hang out. Sankalp remains as one of the best eating spots in Chandigarh. It offers mouthwatering Uttapams and Dosas. 



The place has earned the spot of being one of the most popular South Indian restaurants in states, not simply limited to Chandigarh. Clients love the spot to such an extent that it’s reserved even on weekdays, prompting presumably the main impediment of the spot.



Swagath itself signifies “Welcome”, so you are welcome to the best South Indian Restaurant in Chandigarh. Ranked in the top 10 south Indian restaurants in Chandigarh it is the place you have to be at.


SHREE RATNAM (Best South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh)

 It has a perfect ambiance. It offers both North Indian and South Indian cuisines. Shree Rathnam tops our list of South Indian restaurants because of great reviews given by practically all its customers. 


CHENNAI FOOD (Best South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh)

A casual eating place where you can accompany your loved ones to have South Indian food at a moderate cost. Must attempt their Paneer Dosa and Mysore Dosa. Chennai Food is among the best South Indian Restaurant in Chandigarh that one must go to.



The restaurant earned the spot of being one of the most mainstream South Indian eateries in Chandigarh. Customers love the spot to such a degree, that it’s completely crowded even on weekdays.


GOPAL’ S (Best South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh)

It is a good place where you can enjoy South Indian food with family and friends, the place isn’t that expensive, and it’s a good place where you can spend some good time chit-chatting. Do not miss out on their medu vadas if you are planning a visit to the same.


Chandigarh, the place where Parathas are famous, but South Indian food is also appealing here. It does attract many customers because they serve the delicious, mouthwatering dosas, sambhar, idlis, and uttapam.


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