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Top 10 Skin Specialists In Chandigarh

With hundreds of dermatologists available in the high tech city of Chandigarh, it actually becomes a headache to understand which one will offer you the best services. To help you out in finding the best skin specialists in Chandigarh we are here with the list of top 10 skin specialists in Chandigarh

Best Skin Specialists In Chandigarh You Must Look Out For

Your search for the best skin specialists in Chandigarh comes to an end here as we offer you the list of top 10 to help you in getting in touch with the best ones. 

Aura Skin Institute (Best Skin Specialists in Chandigarh)

With a lot of prestigious awards in her kitty, Dr. Suruchi Garg is one of the best skin specialists. She has been dealing with many well-known faces and has great experience in her field. She has also done some great work for patients suffering from eczema and is the best one to operate on cases suffering from vitiligo. 

Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu is one of Chandigarh ‘s best skin specialists. Dr. Sidhu has the potential, with her postgraduate degree from DMC, Ludhiana, to offer the best and natural-looking results when it comes to skin treatments, cosmetic enhancements, and hair transplants. Rated as one of the best skin specialists, she concentrates on making people beautiful.

Parisa Skin And Laser Centre (Best Skin Specialists in Chandigarh)

The cosmetic and laser skin center is run by Dr. Ashima Goel. The young, intelligent, and radiant dermatologist based in Chandigarh has a list of satisfied customers. She is a specialist in laser surgery and cosmetology, completing her degree and post-graduation from the Government Medical College, Patiala, Punjab.

Dr. Rachna Mittal

Dr. Rachna Mittal, director of the Skin and Cosmetology Clinic in Chandigarh, is yet another successful skin expert. Since graduating from Christian Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology, she became a prominent skin doctor at Chandigarh with her MD degree in Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprology from Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana. She is a continuing international researcher in this area, as well as practicing dermatology.

Dr. Swami Dass (Best Skin Specialists in Chandigarh)

Dr. Swami Dass Mehta is the name that every patient with skin issues knows and loves. He is well-known for achieving impossible results, with his magnificent experience as a skin specialist in the area. Been an award-winning dermatologist, he is one of those experts performing miracles in the skin treatments.

Dr. Geeta Garg

One of the best skin specialists in Chandigarh Dr. Geeta Garg is always looking forward to working with the latest trends in the industry. Offering the best treatment to her clients she is loved for her spontaneous response and availability. 

Dr. Batras

A well-known clinic for the ones looking for best skin specialists in Chandigarh. Dr. Batra has a lot of branches all over and has been serving the people suffering from skin diseases with homeopathic medicines. 

Dr. Rohit Bansal

A young and energetic personality is what describes Dr. Rohit Bansal. He is a well-known skin specialist and has been serving patients with utmost dedication. He has a team of experts working with him and delivering the best to his knowledge. 

Dr. Sheenam 

With the cream of Chandigarh in her list of patients, Dr. Sheenam is a well-qualified doctor and has reputable goodwill in the city. With 100% customer satisfaction and a lot of happy faces as her clients, she is a friendly doctor who knows her job best. 

Beau Visage Skin Clinic

If you have been looking for the best skin specialists, then your search end here. Dr. Vivek Malhotra is going to be your savior and will help you out with the problems without any hassles. Suffering the patients since 2006 this clinic is one of the best options to look out for.


There are the top 10 skin specialists in Chandigarh ready to offer you with the best solutions related to skin. Also if you are planning to get cosmetic surgery does then also they are a great option to look for.

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