Thu. May 12th, 2022

    NOTE: Here are the best nail artists in Chandigarh to enhance your beauty

    When your nails are part of your outfit. They become more than nails. They become an accessory!

    Nail art has become a trend nowadays. The growing enthusiasm among the people of Tricity towards nail art has led us to create the list of the best nail artists in Chandigarh.

    Whenever it comes to beauty services or health, one must never compromise on finding the right match. This is the reason why we always research well when it comes to finding a perfect person or a place for you. So, stay with us while we share our list of best nail artists in Chandigarh.

    Scroll below as we have picked the best nail artists who are just a call away to serve you. 

    Visit These Amazing Nail Artists In Chandigarh & Watch The Magic Happen!!!

    Want to grab everyone’s attention? Let’s decorate, paint, polish, and embellish your nails. Scroll down and find the perfect nail artist you are looking for.  

    Pink Petals( Best Nail Artists In Chandigarh)

    Looking for a budget-friendly nail salon? Stealer deals always waiting for you, ladies!!! The most important thing is they give you the best quality, you will never get disappointed. 

    You are just  a call away, book your appointment @ 7837946006

    Check out more here.

    Nail studio( Best Nail Artist In Mohali)

    Hello beautiful ladies!!! All you want is to look more beautiful every day. So here is the nail studio to enhance your beauty by making your nails look more appealing yet in a simple or unique way. Give them a call @98783-40519 today and see the change for yourself. 

    Website here

    Lazy chick

    Looking for something creative? Check out lazy chick for an astonishing piece and that too at an affordable price. They assure you will never be disappointed. Let’s make your nails look more catchy with lazy chink. Call them to book to your appointment @9988530019

    Don’t miss to check their website here.

    Bloom Glow Salon And Nail Extensions

    Are you crazy for extra blingy and long nails? If yes, your search ends here. You should visit a bloom glow salon at least once and try out their services. They are one of the best nail artists in Chandigarh. They have a variety of nail arts, to spoil your short nails. Perfect place for the perfect nails.

    Website here.

    Liquid Glam Nails Studio

    Be it fun experimenting nail patterns you want to go for or simple nail art, they will do it all for you. Liquid glam nails studio, always comfortable with the requirements of clients. You can blindly trust them and we assure you will love their work. Just call them as soon as possible @084370 60606

    Browse their website.


    Ruppashi Dhiman Makeup And Nail Artist

    Everyone wants high-quality products to be used on their nails. Don’t be afraid, Ruppashi Dhiman nail artist’s main motto is to use the best products so that customers won’t be disappointed. There is nothing related to our beauty that Ruppashi Dhiman cannot work with.

    So, why are you wasting your time? Just contact them here.

    Nail Place

    Looking for someone to create your ideas on your nails? Nail place is the best nail artist in Chandigarh to create the exact look that you had in your mind. You will definitely love their work. Go check them out here.

    Contact them @099882 58883

    Binny’s Nail Bar

    If you are looking for some experiments with vibrant colors? Just book an appointment with binny’s nail bar to get the amazing results. No one can beat their art of playing with colors. Their work is well worth the rupee you spend on.

    Contact @01724005291

    Check out their work here.

    Base Coat Nail Studio

    Looking for more options in nail art? Base Coat nail studio has all the trendy range of nail art designs. Don’t miss a chance to get fashionable hands to embellish your beauty, choose a wide range of nail arts here. Call them @


    Art Glam ( Best Nail Artist In Chandigarh)

    “Glam” as the name shows how amazing is their work gonna be? Art glam has one of the best team of nail artists in Chandigarh whose work will be fierce and fashionable. Walk-in or book an appointment by a call and choose from an array of designs and get unique and intricate designs on your nails.


    Nails are the one thing you can get into shape without exercise!!!!

    Nowadays, nails have become the first thing to catch everyone’s eyes. Give your nails a different look with the trending style that will make you look more attractive. We hope you found the best nail artists in Chandigarh.

    Don’t worry, we will get the best for you.

    Feel free to share your experience with us!!!