Top 10 Music Classes In Chandigarh

The divinity of music not only cures us but also adds peace to our everyday lives. Seven tones formed by seven eternal powers lay the foundation in music. When nature’s music plays those mellifluous tones we discover the spiritual soul in us.  Your distinctive musical style and taste reflect your personality. Let us get to know about the top ten music classes that offer the best in Chandigarh.

Best Music Classes In Chandigarh To Lookout For

Here is a list of best music classes you can get yourself enrolled in:

Bridge Music Academy

Founded in 2009, the Bridge Music Academy has a British model that aims to introduce international level music education to India. We also have on-line instruction and home tuitions. With stage performances, they help you with budding musician skills and build poise and confidence in a person. If you’re crazy about music then share it here.

Amanjot international Music School

The guitar is the most common string instrument among the younger generation if we lecture about which musical instrument is trendy these days. Amanjot International Music School focuses on improving your professional achievements and offering instruction for all stages of Guitar Foreign Courses.

Chandigarh School Of Music (Best Music Classes in Chandigarh)

Chandigarh School of Music is a contemporary school which is 5 years old. They combine traditional and modern instruments and produce such beautiful aurora. The teachers help you practice your aural skills for beginners and also teach you music theory with lessons from practicing.

Strings Music Academy

This organization puts in a degree of professionalism not only by teaching the basics but also by inspiring you to be a musical explorer. The faculty members have a great profile and can turn you into a musician with various ways of teaching.

Pracheen Kala Kendra

From here, music as an Indian Art strain began. The oldest and finest institution in Chandigarh is Pracheen Kala Kendra. Old is gold and this institution caters to you and helps you grow as a classical musician if you are desirous of classical music.

Chandigarh Guitar Institute

In 2007 the Chandigarh Guitar Institute was founded. The teaching techniques and approaches are distinct. If you want to find out from a personal tutor Lalit Coomer, then you can choose this establishment for yourself if you are a keen learner.

Pure Notes (Best Music Classes in Chandigarh)

This is one of the best music classes in Chandigarh that have the best tutors to teach you and guide you for the best. The classes are held daily with the best emphasis on every individual. 

Zedd Music Academy

If you are a good learner and want to excel in your skills in the music field then you must get yourself enrolled in Zedd Music Academy. They have well trained and experienced teachers who guide the students for their best. 

Shanker school of music

One of the best places to learn music in the city they focus on every student and give individual training and coaching. The tutors are well experienced and trained in their respective styles. 

Swar Sadhana (Best Music Classes in Chandigarh)

Swar Sadhna is a leading music school in the tri-city. They have professional guides who have excelled in their fields and have been imparting the best of their knowledge for many years. 


These are the best music classes in Chandigarh where you can enroll and get to learn and polish your skills. They also help you shape your career in the field with correct advice and facilities. 

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