Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

    This pandemic has taught us a lot of things, and feeling fit and being healthy is one of those. Also, our daily lifestyle often does not allow us to sit and eat properly. Fruits and vegetables are several nutritional benefits. To align our busy lives with healthy eating, juices proves to be a great option. They can be made quickly and guarantee a healthy intake in your body. Juices can be made with different combinations of fruits and vegetables. It is also a win-win situation as you will be able to save your time, and your body would get lots of vitamins and stay healthy. 

    Best Juice Corners In Chandigarh To Shop From

    Now there are several juice corners all over Chandigarh, let’s find out the top 10 juice corners in Chandigarh to woo away your juice cravings – 

    Reboot Life 

     It is one of a kind juices corners in sector 7 of Chandigarh. Reboot life is all about healthy juices and salad. They serve food as well. They bring fresh from farm vegetables and fruits. Reboot lifestyle promotes a healthy lifestyle and promotes organic salads and juices. 

    MyFresh (Best Juice Corners In Chandigarh)

    Located in sector 9, there is always nutritious intake whenever you visit MyFresh. It offers fresh juices and salads to its customers. Its pomegranate with sweet lime is the best seller. 


     This juice center is known for its exotic juices and smoothies. If you have a mid-day craving for some amazing sandwiches, Fraiche’s cottage cheese sandwich can be a perfect choice. Fraiche is also known for its smoothies and Mango to shake too. You can find this fantastic juice center in sector 8. 

    Fruit cocktail 




     This is every juice lover’s dream come true place. They have a huge variety of juices and shakes to offer. The cocktails are made with different fruits that are all put together in a beer mug, and the ice cream really enhances its taste. Fruit cocktail is also known for its virgin mocktails. 

    Juice lounge (Best Juice Corners In Chandigarh)

    The juices serve here are all kinds of nutrition filled with lots of healthy fruit combinations in the mix. Juice lounge has zero preservatives policy as they tend to promote an organic lifestyle. 

    The Faqeers 


    They offer bottled juices of different varieties. They are prepared as per the orders come through. The juices made are purely organic and have no preservatives. They have this small website where they have given a description of all the types of juices they prepare and what goes into them. 

    Juice den (Best Juice Corners In Chandigarh)


     They are known for their amazing home-made juice recipes. The place promotes 100 percent cleanliness as well and one of the very few juice corners that offer dining services too. 

    Healthy Farm

    Fruit and vegetables juices


    With its exciting juice menu, the place is known for its tasty beverages as well. 

    Coldpress Company 



    Along with the intriguing name, the juices they also offer unique.  Their menu is filled with unique juice and beverage choices. When in Chandigarh, one must order their juices from here. 

    Food (Best Juice Corners In Chandigarh)

    This juice shop is every foodie’s delight. They offer a variety of juices. Food Bell also serves a fantastic range of continental and Italian food as well. 


    Juices are full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies in energizing. The nutrients that come from juices also contributes to the reduction of fatigue, and they are very good for memory as well. Hydrating your body with fresh juice also protects from aging. As we all know the fact that more than 65 percent of the human body is made up of water, and there is no better substitute than juice to keep the fluid intake proper.