Wed. May 18th, 2022

    Chandigarh has numerous doctors of homeopathy who practice serving the people of the city in their clinics. Homeopathy is one of the people of Chandigarh’s favorite form of medicine. Even though homeopathic medicines are said to show results slowly, they do come with the goodness of no side effects. Perhaps, that is why many prefer homeopathy to be allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

    Top 10 Homeopathy Doctors In Chandigarh To Try

    Let us look at the best top 10 homeopathy doctors in Chandigarh and book an appointment with them:


    The Homeopathic Clinic of Doctor Thind in Chandigarh is an old, reputed clinic dedicated to homeopathy in particular. Located in sector 32, Dr. Thind is one of the most sought-after names in Chandigarh to treat any form of ailments by homeopathy. Patients with sinus problems, migraine problems, cold, fever, blood pressure, and many other lifestyle disorders can be handled here as well.

    Ranjeeth Multi Speciality

    He cured and saved thousands of people, mostly acute or chronic illnesses, including those considered incurable by drugs and where surgery is the only choice in a medicine allopathic method. Rajneesh treated thousands of cases of various diseases, especially chronic and incurable cases that become hopeless after various types of treatment.

    Sonal(Best Homeopathy Doctors In Chandigarh)

    Dr. Sonal is a gold medalist throughout Punjab and has extensive experience in the homeopathic sector. She is yet another successful Chandigarh homeopathy doctor who keeps records of working with various charities.


    It has a respected name in its homeopathic clinic in Chandigarh and is also popular among patients suffering from hair loss, skin disease, sleep apnea, or gastritis. A well-known name all across the country, Dr. Batras are the best top 10 homeopathy doctors in Chandigarh. 


    Their goal is to provide excellent output/result quality care to the satisfaction of the utmost customer/patient. They are also specialized in treating a condition of the neurodevelopmental type (ADHD). To treat a group of developmental disabilities known as AUTISM or ASD, they have a specialist team.

    Vishal Dua (Best Homeopathy Doctors In Chandigarh)

    Loved by his patients for his experience and spontaneous availability, Dr. Vishal is one of the top 10 homeopathy doctors. He has served a lot of happy faces and is an expert for handling vitiligo patients. 


    HomoeoCare is another right name in the Chandigarh homeopathy clinic sector. Here the doctors are well trained and experienced in treating chronic disease patients. I specialize in the management of obesity, anxiety, hair loss, skin diseases, and more.

    Monika Kapil (Best Homeopathy Doctors In Chandigarh)

    A young and energetic doctor, she has given a lot of satisfaction to the patients suffering from sleep disorders and problems related to gastritis. She also has a team that works with her. With proper knowledge of the latest developments in the industry Dr. Monika as reputable goodwill. 

    Vikas Sharma

    Dr. Vikas Sharma is one of Chandigarh’s best homeopathic doctors, who is highly experienced and has treated many in the Tricity. He is one of Chandigarh’s oldest homeopathic doctors and specializes in treating diseases such as asthma, tonsillitis, anxiety, hair loss, and adenoids.

    Sanjeev Malhotra (Best Homeopathy Doctors In Chandigarh)

    Handling the cream of Chandigarh, Dr. Sanjeev Malhotra has reached the top 10 homeopathy doctors in the Chandigarh list. He has been serving happy faces from the past many years and has goodwill in the market. He has immense knowledge of the subject and treats his patients with full dedication. 


    These are the top 10 homeopathy doctors in Chandigarh that you can look out for if you plan to switch from allopathic medicines to homeopathic ones.