Top 10 Continental Restaurants In Chandigarh

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Chandigarh has been a delight for the foodies from ages and offers cuisines from all across the globe. With many tourists in the city, Chandigarh will never disappoint you with the food options available here. 

Best Continental Restaurants To Try Out In Chandigarh

There are a lot of continental restaurants in Chandigarh that offer excellent cuisine and flavor. Let us have a look at the top 10 to help you relish on the best quality. 

Virgin Courtyard

If you are a true lover of the continental cuisine, you surely cannot resist yourself from the food served in this restaurant. With excellent service and economical prices, this is just the place to be if you are looking for the best continental restaurants in the city. 

The Great Bear

With some exciting dishes on their menu, this is one of the best continental restaurants that offer perfect flavors. If you love to hog on to continental food, you must visit and enjoy a great time in their hygienic and clam ambiance with food served with love. 

Dastan (Best Continental Restaurants In Chandigarh)

Though the name is Indian, the continental food served here is the best thing. With flavors that are just perfect and the aroma that can make you feel blessed, this is ideal for you to relish your foot fetish. 

Sector7 Social

Though the restaurant offers fantastic biryani, continental food is also preferred by the foodies to a great extent. The price is pocket friendly, and they have a decent service with a clean environment and music. 

Art & co

This is just the name when it comes to hogging on to continental food with beer. They also offer the home-delivery option but the ambiance of the restaurant cannot let you control yourself from visiting here. The staff is amazing, and the prices are budgetary. 

Molecule Air Bar (Best Continental Restaurants In Chandigarh)

Looking out for the best continental restaurants to try out, then your search ends here. The molecule is the best and first choice of continental food lovers. The place has an open-air bar and offers excellent music to groove your feet to. 

United Coffee House Rewind

From steaks to mushrooms and chicken, this is one of the best continental restaurants to try out. They also offer Indian cuisine, and the best thing on their menu is Jama Masjid ke kebab. A list that will make you drool over this place provides a great ambiance to enjoy your evening. 

Boathouse (Best Continental Restaurants In Chandigarh)

A decent place to enjoy dinner with your loved one or with your friends. You must visit this place and try out their menu. A great option for foodies who love to hog without spending much from their pockets. They offer irresistible food along with drinks. 

The Café

They are known for their master chefs that offer mouth-watering food that is presented on your plate that you get confused about whether to click or eat. This is a place loved by the cream of Chandigarh. The prices are a bit high, but the taste and the aroma will make you fall for the food. 

Brooklyn Central (Best Continental Restaurants In Chandigarh)

One of the best continental restaurants is a great place to be at and try out some relishing dishes at economical prices. 

The Brew

Loved by the bloggers and vloggers, they serve some great options under continental cuisine. Their burgers are also one of the most tried out things on the menu. With a lively atmosphere, this is one of the must-visit restaurants in Chandigarh.


Here are the top 10 continental restaurants in the city to offer you with lip-smacking food that you cannot resist eating more. 


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