Chandigarh can be called as some of the places where the nightlife is just great, and if you are travelling with your friends, you should experience the awesome nightlife here. We all know the Punjabi’s are party lovers, so the clubs are crowded, but they are big enough to accommodate the crowd and offer great music, food, and the ambience and a large dance floor. The vast majority of these clubs, alongside great music, offer great food and a dance floor that is large enough for all the people to move to the beat of some incredible acoustics.

Best Clubs In Chandigarh You Must Visit

Looking out for top clubs to party in Chandigarh then you must check out these clubs in Chandigarh to rock and roll


The club is equipped with great interiors, top-class music, and luxury sitting arrangement with one of the best sound systems, and hence the music keeps the crowd on their feet.

BUZZ (Best Clubs In Chandigarh)

 The never-ending love for retro music, the club has managed to get a great crowd due to the décor, food, and other facilities it offers. Party mood is sated by the mugs of beer and plates brimming with great food that nothing else can amount to.


Begun over ten years back and still keeps on top the popularity among the crowd and to be specific the youngsters. They do theme nights with Fridays committed to Hip-Hop and Saturdays dedicated to Bollywood style of music. Go here for great music and alcohol.

HOPS & GRAINS (Best Clubs In Chandigarh)

This place is known for its fermented, chilled, super smooth beers. Since this spot is a micro-brewery, you will get various types of beer here. Dark beer is their speciality, though. Not very good with delicious food, but this spot has magnificent interior and stunning beer, which compensates for it.


 Lava is by Taj specifically for people who like marvellous music, and the club has eye-pleasing interiors and alcohol. Saturday is especially for ladies’ night, so women get two drinks for free. 


 Taste some uncommon marks from their enormous assortment of single malts and wines while you appreciate the incredible climate and brilliant music. What’s more, furthermore, a specialist will direct you through the inebriating universe of alcohols here.


Pedler is a hot and most loved one because of its live band performances and worth for-cash offers on liquor and food.


 The restored look of the club has figured out how to at present catch the consideration of the party people simply like before. One of the numerous reasons why individuals favour visiting Tamzaara Club is a direct result of its open, high ceilinged inside and great live DJ music.

JUMEIRAH CLUB (Best Clubs In Chandigarh)

Jumeirah provides a relatively serene environment to spend quality time with friends and family. Jumeirah gives a moderately reasonable condition to invest quality energy with loved ones. Nonetheless, it isn’t that there is no method of entertainment. There is live entertainment of different sorts. Aside from Indian and North Indian, The club is notable for giving different Arabic dishes, Afghani, and Chinese and multi-food plans.


Club Poison is undoubtedly knocking some people’s socks off with its regularly inviting feeling, their own extraordinary ‘Dhaba chicken’ dishes, and a boundless gracefully of alcohol and drink. A few people don’t stop for a second to consider Poison, a pioneer for clubs in Chandigarh.


The nightlife is famous in Punjab, and so are the clubs above. If you love partying and planning to visit the city, you should hit one of the places here, and you will remember the experience forever.


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