Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

    Chandigarh is a city that one must visit in India. It has a lively atmosphere and being the first planned city of India it has some beautiful places to visit. If you are planning a day out with your family then you must have a look at these beautiful parks the city has.

    Best Parks In Chandigarh To Enjoy Your Day

    Chandigarh has a number of parks that you can visit a picnic with friends and family to rejuvenate your senses. If you are looking for the best parks in Chandigarh then let us have a look at them:

    Rock Garden (Best Parks In Chandigarh)

    A beautiful place that has a number of sculptures and a bridge that take you to the park that has a lot of swings. The park also has a beautiful waterfall and an amphitheater. 

    Butterfly Garden

    A great place to spend some time with nature. This is a beautiful garden that has more than 35 species of butterflies in it. It is a calm area and people are not allowed to make noise here. 

    Japanese Garden

    Japanese Garden is a well-groomed, beautifully maintained park that houses a park, water bodies, pagoda towers, waterfalls, centers of meditation, idols of the buddha, and several other buildings. The park has two phases interconnected by an underground tunnel adorned with beautiful paintings of Japan.

    Fountain Park

    Chandigarh Fountain Park is a mixture of all the good reasons you need to visit a park: laser light show, good Bollywood songs, street food around the park, small shops, and adequate parking space. The Fountain Park is located in Chandigarh’s densely populated Sector 17 and is a must-see if you’re around the area.

    Terraced Gardens (Best Parks In Chandigarh)

    The Chandigarh Terraced Gardens is a renowned and much-loved tourist attraction situated in the main city’s Sector 33. The attraction boasts a multitude of colorful and vibrant flowers that draw tourists not only from Chandigarh and neighboring areas but from virtually all over the country.

    Garden Of Fragrance

    Garden of Fragrance as the name implies is renowned for its fragrant plants such as Mehndi, Haar Shingar, Raat ki Rani, Motia, Champa, rose damask, and jasmine varieties. The park with stunning countryside also gives its tourists a fun stroll.

    Traffic Park

    The Children Traffic Park in Sector 23A is replete with real-life road scenarios and has comprehensive traffic control systems such as road curves, inclines and declines, overpasses, underpasses, parallel parking zones, blind alleys, and unregulated intersections, T-Intersections, Stop Signs and Blinkers.

    Bougainvillea Garden (Best Parks In Chandigarh)

    With fifty bougainvillea varieties on view, this garden that was developed in 1976 spreads over 20 acres. Its prominence lies in its varied bougainvillea- arch, pavilions, a bower circle, and arcades. A major draw here is the annual Bougainvillea festival.

    Garden Of Silence

    Garden Of Silence is a meditative space that contains a huge Buddha idol. The garden swears by its name and provides a calm and quiet atmosphere for meditation in a lush green setting with a stunning backdrop view of the Shivalik Ranges.

    Rose Garden (Best Parks In Chandigarh)

    Rose Garden in Chandigarh, also known after India’s former president as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, is spread over 30 acres and covered with an exquisite variety of flowers making it quite popular among tourists and nature lovers.


    These are the top 10 best parks in Chandigarh that you can plan a visit to with your family and enjoy your Sunday.