Top 10 Bakeries In Chandigarh: A paradise For Cake Lovers

The city has a special place in their hearts for cakes and pastries and so does the bakery products. With a lot of foodies out there Chandigarh also has a lot of bakeries that offer some melt in the mouth options for them. Let us take a tour of the 10 best bakeries in Chandigarh

Bakeries In Chandigarh That Are Not To Be Left Unexplored

Chandigarh will never disappoint you in any category and hence we are here to give you the list of 10 best bakeries in the city:

Monica’s Puddings And Pies

If you are one of those who love to devour a big bite of cake or pastry anytime then you must hit Monica’s puddings. This is the of the best bakeries in Chandigarh offering a wide variety of flavors with additional services like home delivery and midnight delivery.

Cookies Jar (Best Bakeries In Chandigarh)

A great place to be if you love to enjoy homemade cookies. This bakery not only deals in cakes, pastries, and puddings but also offers cookies that are freshly naked. Also, it has been rated as one of the best bakeries in Chandigarh for its economical pricing and excellent services. 


A place where you can find a lot of bloggers and vloggers is just the right option. When it comes to designer cakes, Vinnie’s is a well-known Chandigarh Bakery. Your Vinnie ‘s visit-The Artisan Bakers will leave you filled with the sweetest smells of the world and desire to visit again.

Polka Bakery (Best Bakeries In Chandigarh)

If you are a lover of swiss rolls then you must hit to polka bakery and try out their amazingly soft rolls. Not only this but Polka Bakers also offer cakes and pastries. 

Petite Sweet

Petite Nice, Chandigarh carries Europe’s taste right into the Tricity. The Petite Sweet bakery items are made from scratch in-house using the best ingredients in town. Chandigarh’s Petite Sweet Bakery has pastries, flaky croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, cookies, pies, and fresh home-baked bread.

Crumbs (Best Bakeries In Chandigarh)

Crumbs Bakery in Chandigarh is very renowned for its excellent combination of flavors, using foreign ingredients. Either Belgian chocolate and Nutella muffin or red velvet cheesecake, this is a must-try spot for all types of food. Try their cookie & milkshake crust, too.

Baker Brothers

The Baker Brothers in Chandigarh is the popular hangout zone for all students studying at Sector 36 coaching institutes to have an extremely great palate experience. The Baker Brothers bakery sells tasty cupcakes, muffins, pastries, milk-shakes as well as excellent sandwiches, pasta, and more.

Super Donuts (Best Bakeries In Chandigarh)

With some beautiful graffiti on the walls, the ambiance inside is very cool in the bakery. If you are in Chandigarh looking for awesome donuts and shakes, Super Donuts is the perfect place to fulfill your sweet cravings.

Chandigarh Baking Company

Showcase a large variety of cakes and bakes, Chandigarh Baking Company is by far the best 5-star Chandigarh bakery. Experts make some yummy desserts that are completely paradisiacal. What makes this Chandigarh Bakery an amazing one is a great taste and excellent service.

Nik Bakers

Nik Baker’s serves a range of cakes & bakes as well as tasty savory. Their bread is very good with multiple grains. The banoffee pie, chocolate-walnut cake, chocolate eclairs, dessert combos, and blueberry cheesecake are something you can try.



There are the best bakeries in Chandigarh you must look out for and give your sweet tooth a treat to relish on some best and most loved flavors. All these bakeries are one above the other and offer excellent designs and styles. 


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