Top 10 Architects In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known to be the hub of great minds. You can get to hire some of the best talents in every field in the city. Looking for architects to plan out your new office, farmhouse, or your new house then you must have a look at the best architects in Chandigarh and book your appointment to get going for the best solutions.

You don’t just employ an architect or construction contractor while designing or renovating your house-you develop a relationship with them. Make sure you have chosen a home architect who will be involved in all phases of the design process, from the initial concept to the completed build. Architecture is an incredibly technical profession, and one where doing wrong can put lives at risk, so make sure you hire a valid licensed professional or an architectural firm to maintain high quality and standards.

Top 10 Best Architects In Chandigarh To Look Out For:

Phoenix Design Studio

With vast experience and well-trained staff, they are the first name that comes to mind when you think of a great model. The firm has handled some of the most prestigious projects in Chandigarh and has been serving satisfied clients since their first step.

Address: Jal Vayu Tower, New, Sunny Enclave, Kharar, Punjab 140301

Phone: 094192 18160

Metamorphosis (Best Architects In Chandigarh)

Founded in 1981 this is the best option for style and tradition together. With their roots connected to the culture and wins spread for innovation, they have been serving the cream of Chandigarh and delivering some great designs.

AddressSector 11-A, Sector 11, Chandigarh, 160011
Phone: 093165 11166


They are one of the best architects in Chandigarh for interior decoration and designing work. With immense experience and affordable fees, they are going to be your best companions for your masterpiece.

Vida design

Vida is a team of professionals who have been working for many years and improvising their style. They are known for delivering some great plans incorporate as well as residential property.

Studio 95 Architects (Best Architects In Chandigarh)

Studio95 Architects is a professional team that includes architects, interior designers, and consultants. We believe that great architecture suits both your personal style and lifestyle. You know what you want and not, and they know how to make your dream a reality.

Garg Architects(Best Architects In Chandigarh)

Though dedicated to small-scale projects, it has expertise in new construction, renovation, and landmark preservation, both in residential and commercial. Emphasis is put on customer support. As a member of the team, they are familiar with participating and offering limited services on a project.

Designers Arch

An excellent option for the ones who love to innovate with design and come off with creative designs they are the best architects in Chandigarh.

Divine Space Architects(Best Architects In Chandigarh)

This is the place that you must book an appointment for if you are looking for a team of experts within your budget. They are known for their satisfied clients. With a lot of prestigious clients in their kitty, you must give them a try and let them handle your ideas to bring out the best with their creativity.

Chandhoke and Associates

Just like the brick is the building block of the house, small usable spaces are the bricks that make the big project work on the whole. It is for this purpose that they build architectural and interior spaces with proper sync with the client.

DEMIURGE (Best Architects In Chandigarh)

Creativity with innovation and fusion brought together to offer the best outcome to the client is the motto of this firm. With an experienced and professional team to work with DEMIURGE is an excellent option for you to look out for if you want to work with the best architects in Chandigarh.

Wrap Up

Now, as you are familiar with the best architects in Chandigarh, you must give them a call and get an appointment fixed. Work out your thoughts with them and let your masterpiece take shape into reality.


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