Stop and Experience Some of the Best Food in These Dhabas on Chandigarh-Delhi Highway

Dhabas in Chandigarh are places that one can enjoy. However, enjoying the delicious food of a dhaba while traveling is the best experience. If you are a food lover, you should definitely check the below-mentioned dhabas on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway. They are all pretty famous for their safety and amazing food. You should definitely stop at these dhabas and enjoy the delicious food. And the best thing is, you can try the best food at affordable prices.

Best Dhabas on Chandigarh-Delhi Highway!

Are you looking for the Punjabi dhabas on the way to Chandigarh to Delhi highway? Well, we have jotted a few dhabas on the basis of reviews. Scroll now!

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba 

It is one of the most famous has not only near the states but also in the country. This restaurant is famous for its delicious and affordable food, clean washrooms, air-conditioned room, and a homely ambiance. It is extremely famous amongst travelers and even the residents of nearby places. They are also operating for a very long time. You should try their famous food like Shahi paneer, dal makhana, aloo paranthas, etc.

Gulshan Dhaba

This dhaba is considered to be one of the best dhabas on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway for various reasons. They are famous for their authentic North-Indian delicacies. They have a modern setting and clean toilets. They are famous for their cost-effective thalis, chana masala, paranthas, paneer dishes, etc. One should definitely check this place out while traveling and enjoy their delicious food while resting.

Pehalwan Dhaba 

You can visit this place any time of the day and you will be served with the best traditional North-Indian food and other delicious delicacies. They are famous for their affordable prices. They are open all day long. You can order various thalis or different combinations of food. However, when you visit the place, trying their tandoori paranthas and lassi is a must. This combination is loved by many. 

Zhilmil Dhaba 

This dhaba makes the top of the best dhabas on Chandigarh-Delhi highway, not because of its interior, but because of the delicious food, it serves. While their traditional delicacies are most popular, they offer a variety of Chinese foods as well. You can have different combinations and still like every bit of the food. You should also not miss the pickles and candies they sell outside their dhaba. 

Pooran Singh Da Dhaba 

This restaurant is most famous for its non-vegetarian meals. However, there are many vegetarian options also. The owner has changed over the years. But the one thing they do not change is their service and quality of food. They are loved by many people. This dhaba is always crowded. People wait especially to taste their meat delicacies. This is a must-stop while you are traveling on the highway.

These are some of the best dhabas on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway. One should definitely check these dhabas out while traveling. They are not only famous for their delicious delicacies, but also for their amazing hospitality. They will treat you as their family and provide you with tasty food. You should visit these dhabas at least once in your life while traveling and enjoy the surroundings and their food.

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