Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
    sushi restaurants in Chandigarh

    Sushi is prepared from vinegar rice and various other food items that are rolled together. It is an extremely tasty delicacy. Japanese consider it as their traditional dish. There are various ways one can use to make sushi. However, the only primary item is the rice that is used. Sushi is loved by many people. People in India are no different. Well, to help you find the best place, we have listed the best sushi restaurants in Chandigarh.

    Explore the Best Sushi Restaurants in Chandigarh!

    If you are a sushi lover and are looking for some of the best sushi restaurants in Chandigarh, here is the perfect list of places for you.


    If you are looking for a fine dining experience, you should try Kylin. It is at Elante Mall, Chandigarh. Chinese and Japanese cuisines are famous in his restaurant. They are cooked to perfection. You should definitely try their sushi rolls. On Sundays, you should definitely try out their buffets. A wide variety of delicacies and other food items are offered by them. Their salmon and sushi rolls are a must-try. 


    This restaurant of Hotel Icon is one of the best sushi restaurants in Chandigarh. A wide variety of Asian delicacies are offered by the chefs. This place is also famous for its live kitchen. The restaurant also has a pleasing ambient look. This adds to the enjoyment. Sushi rolls are one of the main delicacies that are famous in this restaurant. Prawn sushi is the most famous sushi in the restaurant.


    One can find this restaurant at The Lalit. It is a pain-Asian signature place. They serve their customers with various types of delicacies from different parts of the world. They serve Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. They are famous for their sushi platter that has different types of sushi customized by your personal tastes. It serves various kinds of famous sushi.

    Mainland China

    It is one of the best places in Chandigarh for Chinese dishes. It is a must-visit restaurant for people who love Chinese delicacies like dimsums and sushi rolls.

    The chef in the restaurant is famous as he keeps on trying new delicacies. Their California roll and prawn tempura roll are must-try dishes. Their vegetarian food items are also a must-try.


    It comes in this list as this restaurant is loved by various people. It is famous as it provides various kinds of cuisines. Customers are provided with Chinese, Thai, Japanese, North Indian, and Mediterranean cuisines. There are also different buffets. You should definitely try out their Ura Maki and Nigiri Sushi when you visit the restaurant.

    These are some of the best sushi restaurants in Chandigarh. They are not only famous for sushi but various other related cuisines as well. You should try these places at least once in your life. You will definitely not regret it. Sushi should be tried in its authentic style and there are no other places than these. A person trying sushi for the first time should experience it in the traditional way. Learn how to use chopsticks or use any other cutlery. But, be sure to visit these places!