Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

    If you love to hog on some delicious flavours of ice creams, then Chandigarh has a wide variety of options to offer you a treat. Who does not like to bite on delicious ice-creams? From kulfi to sundaes and bricks, ice creams are loved by people of all ages. Let us get to know the best ice cream parlours in Chandigarh that you must not miss out on when in the city:

    Best Ice Cream Parlours To Look Out For In Chandigarh

    Looking for the best place to relish on the best ice creams then you must check out these top 10 places:


    The brand needs no introduction for the ones who love to enjoy ice creams in every weather. With a wide range of flavours on their menu, the falooda kulfi is the best option you must try out. They also offer the best sundae that one can customize according to your preference for flavour.

    Baskin Robbins

    A delight for the ice cream lovers. This is one of the best ice cream parlours in Chandigarh. If you love to enjoy Cassatta or are in love with a fruit sundae, this has to be your first choice. Visitors who are regular to the place also suggest honey almonds and golden ribbons as the best ones to try out.

    Gelato Da Italia (Best Ice Cream Parlours In Chandigarh)

    Located on Sector 8 Chandigarh’s internal market, Gelato D’D’ Italia is a small shop where ice-creams are produced the Italian way. It provides several amazing Gelato flavours, along with must-try cupcakes and brownie cookies.

    Softy Corner (Best Ice Cream Parlours In Chandigarh)

    For the ones who love ice creams, just the traditional way. Bring your kids along, or give your parents a treat after dinner for the best softy served in traditional flavours. Softy corner is where you will be for the occasions when you want to get an ice cream on-the-go or when shopping. Located in Sector 17, Softy Corner is known for its thrilling cookie, cup, and sundae flavours. This tiny-yet-popular Sector 17 store has long been in Chandigarh and is a favourite spot for many. It has recently opened a new store in Sector 9, too.


    New Zealand Natural

    New Zealand Natural is facing intense competition from the favourite ice cream parlours of people in Chandigarh, a reasonably new outlet at Elante Mall’sMall’s food court. Nevertheless, it’s a welcome change every time you eat at a food court in Elante. Flavours of chocolate, rainbow, and passion fruit are perfect to go down for a delight.



    The best ice cream parlour in Chandigarh has been serving the ice creams from the past many years. From kids to elders, everyone is in love with the Amul ice creams. If you are planning a visit, then you must not miss out on their malai kulfi.

    Kings Kulfi (Best Ice Cream Parlours In Chandigarh)

    At Elante Mall in Chandigarh and Fun Republic in Manimajra, Kings Kulfi provides quality service while serving varied-flavoured kulfis. Hot sellers are moderately priced stick kulfis, which are available in various flavours.

    Get Desserted (Best Ice Cream Parlours In Chandigarh)

    A small outlet in Chandigarh is a must-visit place that people love to visit. In Get Desserted Chandigarh, blueberry, red velvet cake, dolcelatte, fig and honey, pan, and banana banoffee are some of the top flavours to try.

    Haagen Dazs

    A great option if you are one of those who love to enjoy premium flavours in ice cream. From coffee to chocolate and red velvet, the place has some best options for you to offer. Few must-try flavours include raspberry cheesecake, pralines and cream, and Belgian chocolate at Haagen Dazs Chandigarh.

    Gelato Italiano (Best Ice Cream Parlours In Chandigarh)

    If you love Italian ice cream, this is the spot for you. It is located in Sector 22 at Hotel Aroma. It has some perfectly flavoured gelatos, such as butterscotch, cheesecake in New York, and fine chocolate in Madagascar.


    These were the best ice cream parlours in Chandigarh. If you love to enjoy ice creams, then you must visit these places.