Are you looking for the CEED Coaching center in Chandigarh? If yes, you are in the right place. But before that,  you need to know a little bit about it. CEED is the common entrance exam for design. It is a joint exam which is for postgraduate studies in the field of technological design. It is conducted annually by IITs and the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc). It is an exam for design and it needs your professional skills. It has been held on a large scale by big IITs and IISc. It needs your experience and guidance from coaching to clear this prestigious exam. Many students dream high but do not know how to get there because they didn’t get the right direction and right guidance as it is very necessary for every student to actually achieve their goals.

The guidance provides students the confidence to deal with their career obstacles and makes them bolder for their future. This institution has been recommended by the topper students so that it will help the others.


Students are working hard and just lack the right opportunity. But these coaching institutions for CEED in Chandigarh will meet you through all the possible opportunities which will help you in your career. So you don’t need to panic anymore this article will guide you to find the best CEED coaching center in Chandigarh.


This is the best coaching center for CEED in Chandigarh as it has the best faculty to help the students. It not only gives coaching for CEED but also courses like NIFT, NATA, NATA PG, NIT, NIT PG. It has only one center in Chandigarh which is located in sector 24 of Chandigarh. It also has great ratings.

Pahal Design

It is a small Institution but indeed the best one. It is under Pahal Design Pvt. Limited. It gives 100% guarantee for their coaching to various courses such as

  • NID
  • NIFT
  • CEED
  • CEPT

It was established in 1999 by the owner Kiran Singh. It has a very good environment for students who are passionate enough and creative to play with designs. It has 36 centers in 14 states of India. And it has a great background of students for best placement.

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio

This is also one of the famous studios in design. As it has always a great batch of students and are highly committed and creative teachers to guide them and let them think their own way. It was founded in 2005 in Gujarat, Ahmedabad but later it got branches all over India. Now its institutions are in different places like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Rajkot, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, etc. It is well renowned for its faculty and workshops. Also, all these coaching centers have opened recently within a few years but got a huge momentum. It is located in 34A of Chandigarh.

Design and development studio

It is also a new startup but is very good at its work. They provide their students with the best study material so that they actually understand how to work in an industry practically. They teach more on a practical basis to students so that they start getting prepared from now onwards. It is located in sector 36 of Chandigarh. It has two more branches in other cities. It is new in the market but giving a huge competition. They have a great environment for students so that they can experiment more with their creativity.

Studying is not enough, you need to study in the right manner or in a smart way so that in a short span of time you can learn better and can remember it for a long time period. This smart work either comes from experience or a highly experienced coaching center. These are the best coaching center for CEED in Chandigarh as they offer best services to their students.




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