Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

    Learning how to swim seems to be a basic necessity these days as the temperature gets high in summers. It sometimes feels the best leisure time to spend with family and friends. There are many swimming pools throughout the vicinity which can be ranked among the top 10 swimming pools in Chandigarh.  Going out for a swim can also help boost your stamina as well as help flex those loose muscles. Although there are many people building their own backyard swimming pools but it can always be a good idea to go out to those community swimming pools for some leisure time and as well as learning a few new tricks. Let us some up a list of 10 pools to learn swimming in Chandigarh. So it may help you in finding the foremost place to go out for a swim.


    List Of Best 10 Swimming Pools In Chandigarh



    JW Marriott Swimming Pool

    JW Marriott Chandigarh has one of the best swimming pools in the region. it is an infinity pool with lush amenities as well as top notch cardiovascular facility. you can also enjoy a scenic view of Shivalik hills as well as night lights of city beautiful by just taking a dip in this amazing pool. No doubt Marriott can be surely classified as one of the best swimming pools in Tricity.

    Price JW Marriott Swimming Pool

    Per Day : 1000/- Rs + GST

    Per Month : 11000/- Rs + GST

    Infinity Roof Pool

    Hours: Mon-Sun: 06:00 AM – 10:00 PM

    Infinity Children’s Pool

    Hours : Mon-Sun: 06:00 AM – 10:00 PM


    The Lalit Chandigarh

    The Lalit can be classified among’s the best Five Star Hotels in the city but what it is also known for is a luxurious swimming pool as well as its fitness amenities. Moreover can also cater pool side parties in an all weather swimming pool where you can enjoy a drink or two with your loved ones. Lalit is located in Rajiv Gandhi IT Park as well as on foothills of Shivalik range. Swimming pool is an all weather pool among’s the few in Tricity.

    Price The Lalit Swimming Pool

    Per Day : 1000/-  Rs +GST

    Per Month : 9000/- Rs +GST

    Timings :

    Hours : 7 Days a Week  7:00 am – 7:00 pm


    Hotel Taj Chandigarh

    Hotel Taj Located in the prime location of sector 17 can be a perfect example of Chandigarh’s true architecture. The chain of hotels is owned and maintained by the prestigious Tata Group. The location of the hotel might be best suited to most of us living in Chandigarh as 17 is in heart of the city. The all weather pool is a wonderfully constructed located at the terrace of the hotel.

    Price Taj Hotel Swimming Pool

    Per Day : 900/- Rs + GST

    Per Month : 8000/- + GST


    Hours: 6 am to 10 pm

    Lake Club Chandigarh

    The pool at Lake Club can be best described as the perfect mixture of conventional as well as modern swimming pool. Lake club is best known for its sports club so the coaching provided here is among’s the best in city. They have experienced swimming coaches as well as guides. A separate pool is there for kids who are looking to learn at this facility. This can be classified among’s the top swimming pools in Chandigarh.


    Price Lake Club Pool Chandigarh

    Per Month: 1500/- Including GST


    Hours: 6 am to 9 am

    4 pm to 7 pm


    Government Swimming pool Sector 23

    Swimming pool sector 23 is a community swimming pool is a perfect place for learning how to swim. The place caters an indoor all weather swimming pool which is a perfect spot for young ones as well as their kins to learn swimming. Beautiful nursery is situated very next to this place which as a result creates a perfect lush green environment.

    Price Government Swimming pool sector 23

    Per Month : 1100/- including GST


    Hours : 6 am to 9 am

    4 pm to 7 pm


    Hotel Mountview Chandigarh

    Hotel Mount view is the first five star hotel to have started in Tricity. It is among’s many hotel chain that CITCO Started under the central government. Organisation is fully maintained by the government. Thus we couldn’t have a list of Top swimming pool in Chandigarh without mentioning the name of this pool.

    Price Hotel Mount view Chandigarh Pool

    Per Month : 4500/- Rs Including GST

    Hours : 6 am to 6 pm


    Shivalik View Chandigarh

    Shivalik View In Chandigarh is another one of those five stars which are situated in the heart of the city sector 17 as well as are a part of government enterprise. Likewise this venture is also named after the famous hills surrounding the city beautiful. Meanwhile it has a lush indoor all weather swimming pool with other facilities such as fitness club.

    Price Hotel Shivalik view Chandigarh Pool

    Per Month : 4500/- Including GST

    Hours : 6 am to 6 pm


    Chandigarh Club

    Chandigarh Club is among’s the most famous hang out spots in Tricity. The place caters three different restaurants therefore givings its members ample choice to munch in while enjoying various facilities the club has to offer. Beside’s the club also offers swimming facilities which is very much upto the mark with is counter parts. This club can easily get it a spot among’s the Best swimming pools in Chandigarh.

    Price Chandigarh Club Pool

    Per Month :

    Hours :


    Sector 34 Piccadilly Mall

    Swimming pool in sector 34 piccadilly mall is situated in the gym facility situated at the very top of the mall although this pool is not as big as the other pools we talked about earlier but it sure provides a relaxing environment through the hustles of sector 34. The location of this pool is perfect as it provides a perfect relaxation to those who work tirelessly throughout the day.

    Price Sector 34 piccadilly mall Pool

    Per Month :

    Hours :

    Press Club Pool

    The pool at the press club is a perfect getaway for people living in the south end of the city. Although this might not be your perfect relaxing pool but it does provide you an excellent training faculty for those early swimmers. This can be a perfect pool for those who are just stepping into this habit as well as those regular swimmers thus giving it a spot in our Top swimming pools in Chandigarh list.

    Price Press Club Chandigarh Pool

    Per Month :

    Hours :