Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
    Alternative to IELTS exam during COVID-19

    COVID-19 is leading a huge impact worldwide. Meanwhile, the pandemic is not just affecting the economy but it is a also becoming a curse for the students who have a dream of going abroad. Earlier, there was just IELTS which one could give to travel abroad. But now, there are alternative to IELTS exam during COVID-19. These exams give you freedom to appear in them from home. There is no examination centre you would need to go to give these exams. All you need is

    • A laptop/computer
    • Internet
    • Microphone
    • Webcam/laptop camera
    • Depending on the duration of the test, 1-2 hours of privacy

    Just that and you are all set to go through these exams and enter the colleges of countries like United Kingdom. So here is the list of Alternatives to the IELTS exam.

    Alternative to IELTS exam during COVID-19

    IELTS Indicator

    IELTS Indicator is getting accepted in most of the universities in UK now. Even Universities like University of Surrey are accepting this exam. British Council is backing up the exam and it has been on release recently. As an alternative to IELTS exam during COVID-19, this exam tests you with your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. This exam is a live exam and you would have to book a separate timeslot to appear in it.

    PTE (PTE Academic)

    In an exam like PTE, the real time scenarios would be given to you in the form of linguistic test to test your skills in English. There is a high score of 67 and the validity of this exam is 2 years once you receive the scores.

    DET (Duolingo)

    DET is a quick test which would provide you with results within 48 hours. The test is usually of duration 1 hour. The test would help you grant admission in the universities like University of London, University of Susex, etc.

    TOEFL (iBT)

    TOEFL exam is another popular exam when it comes to the alternatives of IELTS. Many UK universities accept the scores of TOEFL. You may opt for the online test in TOEFL and the maximum marks which you see in this exam is 95 marks. Meanwhile usual score is 88.

    Password English Level Test

    When it comes to an exam which is accepted on a huge level, then Password English test does it really well. The exam is accepted at University of Birmingham, University of Lincoln, University of Westminster and many others. The exam is taken entirely online and all you have to do is get through the basics of the English language.

    By Rick